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Restaurant Review: Ball Square Cafe in Somerville, MA

There are a few things you should know about me: Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I am always on the lookout for mouth-watering eggs benedict and chocolate chip pancakes.  Let me tell you about Ball Square Cafe in Somerville, MA.  They really hit the spot when it comes to my breakfast cravings and the quality is consistent.  I've been here twice already, and I foresee many more visits.

Let's start with one of my all-time favorite breakfast items:

Traditional Eggs Benedict ($11.95)
These Traditional Eggs Benedict are done just right.  The eggs are poached perfectly - nice runny yolks with the whites cooked through, two slices of thin Canadian bacon and grilled English muffins.  And the home fries are done to my liking as well - well done.  I love crispy home fries. And like I said earlier, both times I've had these bennys, they've consistently been done to my liking.  And to be honest, the touch of paprika on top adds a nice flavor to the hollandaise, which is thick and creamy.  A lot of other places where I've had bennys, the paprika seems like more of a garnish than actually adding any flavor.  My guess is that these have smoked paprika on them.  Like a boss!

I've also had the Florentino Eggs Benedict ($12.95):

Florentino Eggs Benedict
As you may notice in the photo, instead of home fries there is a crispy potato thing in the background.  That my friends is Omar's Home Fries (grilledmashed).  Imagine your favorite mashed potatoes in a thin layer then grilled on a flat top until both sides have a crispy crust.  It's worth a try.

The Florentino is nice and light and a perfect alternative to the savory bomb that is the Traditional benny.

Need something sweeter?  You're a human after my own heart.  How's this:

Caramelized Apple-Cinnamon French Toast
This my friends is the Caramelized Apple-Cinnamon French Toast ($9.95).  All the French toast is made with Challah bread... yum.  Notice how that whipped cream looks just a little more decadent than usual?  That's because it is homemade.  Plus, you can ask for real maple syrup or sugar-free maple syrup.  I thoroughly enjoyed ravaging this pile of deliciousness.  The apples were the perfect mix of some al dente and some soft.  I honestly don't remember adding much, if any, syrup to this.  Simply delicious.


Chocolate chip pancakes
Give me chocolate or give me death!  That may seem a bit extreme but don't ever get between a woman and her chocolate cravings.  You'll lose an appendage or something else you value.  These Chocolate Chip Pancakes are made with chocolate morsels mixed right into the batter.  They are buttery, eggy and with enough chocolate chips to satisfy my craving.  (To be honest it never really is satisfied.)  

In the background you can see a side of fruit.  That too is nice and fresh and satisfying.

Last but not least:

Mexican Omelet ($12.95)
Holy omelet Batman! This thing is no joke.  The Mexican Omelet has avocado, jalapenos, tomatoes, scallions, cilantro and cheddar cheese topped with sour cream.  There's even a grilled corn muffin on the side, which I could have used just a tad more grilled, to really bring out more of that natural sweetness in the corn.  What's nice about the jalapenos, and the other veggies, is that they are grilled, which also brings out some of the natural sugars and takes some of the heat out.  And if you are a wimp like me when it comes to heat, you will appreciate it. 

Here are a couple more things about this place. Expect to wait in line on the weekends for sure, and possibly even on weekdays.  There is a self-serve coffee bar and I really like this.  It really gives it a homey feeling, and a plus: they have soy milk, which is great for me because I am dairy-challenged.  Another thing is Mike Moccia, the co-owner.  He is constantly walking around, making everyone feel at home and handing out fist bumps.  Check this guy out:

Co-owner Mike Moccia and myself
So, come here hungry, and leave happy.  That's what I intend to keep doing.

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