Monday, April 30, 2012

The First Del's Of the Season

Even after a mild winter, there is one thing that everyone looks forward to on a hot day; the thirst quenching, body cooling first sip/ bite of a Del's Lemonade.  It has the perfect size ice crush and real pieces of lemon.  Okay, you have waited long enough.  Here you go ..... just watch out for the brain freeze!

But one first has to work up a sweat to truly appreciate the cooling effects that a Del's has to offer.  I offer the perfect location to get a good sweat on first and then have it answered immediately by proximity to a Del's stand: The bike path in Warren.  Park behind the Del's Lemonade stand located at 65 Child Street, Warren, RI in the municipal lot; it has free parking.  

Let's talk about the bike path.  To begin with, it's gorgeous.  I just bought a new pair of rollerblades, that's right rollerblades, and needed to break them in.  With a friend in tow, we took off.  

Within a mile or so we came upon this sight:

This Save the Bay spot is great for a few reasons.  Let's say that you are with your kids and they need a break.  Not only do you have a beautiful view but you have an educational opportunity.  Further down the path, just over the Warren line and into Bristol, is another gorgeous spot next to a small wetland.

This small wetland protected by the Audubon Society of Rhode Island is host to a variety of wildlife.  Just in the short time I spent listening, I could hear red-winged blackbirds, red-bellied woodpeckers, black-capped chickadees, common grackles, and two pairs of ospreys.  I also saw a few frogs jumping around and some tadpoles.  Just listen to these two pairs of osprey go at it:

All along the path you'll find families, friends, couples and a few people going solo to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery. 

It's free, it's fun, and its right in our backyard.  Twenty minutes from Providence and an opportunity for some wholesome together time in the sun or some plain old exercise, the Bike Path delivers.  By the time you get back to your car in the municipal lot, I highly doubt you'll need a reminder to quench your thirst with the Del's that is so perfectly located you would have to be blind to miss it.  The Bike Path and Del's Lemonade, how much easier could it get?

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